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You have an "abnormal transport"? We have the solution!

We are specialized for challanges, where other's despair....

It doesn't matter, if your cargo is to long, to big or to heavy for transport on a normal way,

if you need a road survey, order the permits and statements, the escort car's

or the complete logistic completion,

the team from GMC Eurogroup will be helpful with advices and action around Specialtransport!

And that we do al over european union for you!

An excerpt from our services:

Escort car's for Austria, Germany, Swiss and the rest from EU

Ordering from permits for Austria, Germany, Swiss and the rest from EU

Planing from Route and the Road Survey

Weighing from Special Transports

Special Transport Project's from A to Z

With our engagement for a long time in sector special transport, we are able to give

the perfect solution with an unrivaled price, without loosing quality, to you.

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